The Secret Habits to

Divorce Proof your Marriage

so you can stop feeling like roommates and start having fun again

After implementing these 5 Habits you will:

  • Stop spending night after night on the couch on your separate devices pretending to watch tv "together" and actually enjoy each others company again. (Hint: It's on page 12)

  • No longer need to ask yourself "Why can't he just... pick up his socks, put the toilet seat down, buy me flowers, etc. doesn't he get it?!?!"

  • Stop doing the one thing that turns good marriages into crappy ones (Hint: It's on page 6)

Disclaimer: Just because you want this guide doesn't mean your marriage is in the crapper.

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"These habits are so straightforward you almost want to kick yourself for not thinking of them on your own. As I read through them I already had lots of tiny realisations popping up. I instantly had ideas on how to incorporate small changes into my daily life and relationship, that I know will have big results. It seems so simple that I'm actually excited to put these into play and reap the rewards!"

- Tracy

Who is Kiri Honey?

Educator, Biz Owner, Fun Seeker, Life Changer, Wife and Mama of 2

Kiri Honey empowers Mum's with the skills they need to bring back the fun and "Honeymoon Sizzle" to their partnerships without sacrificing time with the kids. She helps women take the lead in their life and relationships by teaching them how to communicate again, experience passion again, and get back to a relationship that is fulfilling and fun.

She applies her unique methods designed from her years of teaching experience and her own personal relationship and motherhood woes to help women dive deep to achieve the results they desire most.

Turn your marriage around with these 5 powerful habits

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