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Falling in Love Again

(Season 1) 

Discover the secrets to great communication and renewed intimacy and affection so you can connect the way you did before the kids, even if it feels like it's too late. 

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Lead with Love

Unlock the secrets to stop fighting and start making love instead. Unleash the happy, fun, passionate and free, person you were born to be. 

Join me and 20 + other experts as we reveal our secrets to a mindset rooted in positivity, power, and abundance so you can start practising the art of Leading With Love.


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Podcast Interview with Ellen Melon

Motherhood is hard. I don’t even have kids and I know that. I have this amazing opportunity to speak with Kiri Honey, Life Coach for Moms whose mission is to inspire women to empower themselves to take the lead in their lives and relationships. To support them to take action that feels aligned and authentic to their wants and needs and on a practical level, help them focus on the key steps needed to rekindle the passion and fun in their relationships.

In this episode we hear about Kiri’s experience in being a mom of 2 children, her postpartum depression she didn’t know she had, and how to repair a relationship when an affair occurs — what kind of conversations, honesty and accountability are truly required. 

To Hump a Pillow Podcast with Ellen Melon
#41. How intimacy changes after kids, postpartum, and repair after an affair

Radio Interview with Dr. Erica Goodstone 

Psychotherapist and Healing Through Mentor helping Men and Women Heal Their Bodies and Their Relationships Through Love, author of the Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me Book series, the romantic novelLove in the Blizzard of Lifeand the love-transforming Love Lessons for Your Soul program.

Want to save your relationship? Tired of struggling and feeling alone? Today’s guest is here to help.   

Kiri Honey coaches Mum’s who are feeling alone and lost (even if they’re surrounded by loved ones) to navigate the daily struggles of Motherhood while making time for themselves and their partners, without having to compromise time with the kids. With all her prior teaching and personal experience she has now created a special FREE virtual event to help men and women: Falling in Love Again

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