Empowering Mums with the tools they need to have a stronger partnership and more fulfilling life.


"Kiri's 5 keys have been so beneficial for my own personal growth as well as reconnecting with my partner. They are straightforward and easy to follow, and have helped me to understand myself better and given me more confidence in communicating. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to reconnect and learn to communicate effectively with their partner."


"I just literally clued in that by working on myself - loving myself, it radiates out of me towards the love for my husband and children. While my intentions to work with you were to find my way through my struggles with my husband with intimacy and I have thought 'When is this going to happen'; I realize that I need to love myself as a whole and be happy with myself. This will radiate out and the intimacy will naturally grow with my husband.

Kiri you are amazing - making me focus on me first."

Sarah C

"When Kiri and I first discussed her initial concept of her programme I instantly was intrigued and signed up straight away, mostly based on Kiri's ability to instantly make you feel at ease.

The tools given will be some I will continue to utilize and hopefully be a reminder to myself. I know if I follow this path started by Kiri I will continue to be a happier me, which means a more engaged partner and mum. I have discovered the true importance of my self worth/ self care and making it a priority within my family. Kiri has given me tools to recognize the underlying negativity such as resentments and how to switch them into a positive and express my needs within my relationship. And that what I seek is fun and has given me tools on how to create and seek my own fun. The introduction to daily graditute and meditation has been an important component in my healthier mindset. The creative workshop was a particular highlight for me, especially given my initial reservations about it.

Thank you Kiri for all your guidance and support."

Alana H

"I have been working with Kiri for about 3 months now and I love the person I am becoming! She offers wonderful support, has practical solutions and advice to help me discover within myself the best mother, wife, friend and person that I can be.

I have just completed a vision board workshop with Kiri which was inspiring and fun! I have come away with something I am proud of and really enjoyed the process of creating it. Having dedicated time to create and focus on my vision was really therapeutic and it felt great to take some time just for me. I really enjoyed thinking about my vision board and collecting materials before the workshop so I had everything I needed and could fully focus on creating my vision board during the 90 minute workshop.

Thanks Kiri for an enjoyable experience."

Hayley S

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